Online Drinks

Online Drinks Ordering

Online Drinks ordering is only occasionally enabled for shows where the Bar is expected to be very busy, helping to avoid queueing at the Bar or even not being served if there is not enough time to serve everyone. It is not available for every show.

Pre-show and/or Interval drinks ordered online are collected from the downstairs Map Room adjacent to the Bar.

Pre-Show drinks are available for collection from 30 minutes before the show starts until the show starts.
Interval drinks are available from the start of the Interval.

Online Drinks ordering is typically enabled the day before a busy show (sometimes on the day of the show) and disabled 1.5 hours before the show starts.

If Online Drinks ordering is enabled for a show and you have purchased show tickets online from the Theatre, you will be sent an email when ordering has been enabled advising that Online Drinks ordering is available.

Please do not order Online Drinks before you have purchased show tickets and ensure you have ordered drinks for the correct show.

Show with Online Drinks ordering open NOW:

Closed until next busy show - see below.

Upcoming Shows that will have Online Drinks ordering enabled:

Abba Reunion 11th May 2024 7:30pm.

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