The Nightmare Room by John Goodrum


by John Goodrum

A wicked contemporary thriller based on

Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic mystery chiller –

two women

one locked room

one bottle of poison


A deliciously dark thriller – from a tale by the master of terror and mystery,

Arthur Conan Doyle


When Helen regains consciousness, she finds herself bound and blindfolded in

a locked room. Her captor, best friend Catherine, challenges her to a deadly

game of Russian roulette to decide which of them will win the handsome

film star they both desire.


But the game – like the room – is far from what it seems ...


From the producers of Mindgame.


“Twists and turns worthy of an Agatha Christie whodunnit – and a sinister labyrinth

 of betrayal and revenge that Sherlock Holmes himself would struggle to solve ... “


 “slick direction and excellent acting” (Eastern Daily Press)


“masterly...spooky...first-rate” (Times)

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