John Suchet - A Tale of Two Composers Mozart and Strauss

The voice of Classic FM’s weekday mornings, John Suchet presents in person a fascinating and in depth talk on the some of the greatest composers the world has known: their music, their lives and their inspiration. Based on his three books John’s passion for and knowledge of classical music makes for an inspiring, educational and interesting talk for a variety audiences with audience questions answered. 


Their music encapsulated Vienna and does so to this day, but it hides an extraordinary story. A father and three sons composed some of the most memorable melodies in all music, but here was a family riven with tension and jealousy. An autocratic father who saw his eldest son eclipse him and become the undisputed Waltz King. All set in Vienna, where people were drinking champagne and waltzing to Strauss, unknowingly hurtling towards the First World War and oblivion.



John delves into the life of the most naturally gifted composer who ever lived. Mozart’s story is well-known: Austrian born, with a tyrant of a father who drove him relentlessly, an unhappy marriage to a spendthrift wife, a childlike character ill at ease amid the pomp of the Viennese court, and an early death that robbed the world of genius. Yet only the last is true. John uncovers the man behind the many myths.


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