Fab Beatles 2020

Formed in 1991, The Fab Beatles have risen through sheer hard work & dedication to be one of the most sought-after Beatles tribute bands in the world today, with concerts performed all over the UK, Europe, Middle East & the Americas.

The Fab Beatles show starts with early “Hamburg” material & goes right through all the singles & album tracks to “Let It Be” & the “break-up”, with a repertoire that is second to none! Chosen by the BBC as “The Best” & commissioned by EMI to promote the “Beatles 1” CD.

The Fab Beatles pride themselves on professionalism & attention to detail, & it is well documented that the Fab’s sound is the closest you will ever hear to the originals !

The Fab Beatles use only authentic instruments & costume, & can boast to have the very drum-kit Ringo used on The Beatles 1964 American tour no-less!  The Fab Beatles are the industry’s choice & considered the ultimate standard to aspire to by other acts

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