Sponsor A Seat

Sponsor A Seat

We would like to extend our special thanks out to everyone who has helped the theatre by "supporting a seat", as you know this initiative to help raise much needed funds for the theatre restoration funds started back on the 5th November 2011, Shanklin theatre was open for the day free to all our residents and friends to help launch our new seating system that had just been installed.

I’m pleased to report back that so far to date we have raised £8,500 from our 186 "seat supporters", these funds will help go towards our future restoration projects, that said we still have a long way to go and a lot more seats are still available for you to support, your money will ensure Shanklin theatre stays open not only for the community but also for our visitors to enjoy our shows and local theatre productions.

Supporting a seat could not be easier; you can collect a support form from the theatre or download a copy HERE 

The seat sponsorship costs £50.00 and lasts for ten years, it will also entitle you to a plaque that will be affixed to the seat for that period, you can have a plaque made out to donation in memory of someone, a family member or loved one for example or in the name of your own family, group or business name, also included is an official certificate of support from the theatre and a guided tour of the theatre building itself.

Once again, a big, big thank you from all the friends and volunteers of Shanklin Theatre, we hope to see you soon.

Michael Beston.
Vice Chair FOST. 
Download a form here 

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