Spotlight (IOW) Ltd Presents Rapunzel

Rapunzel 2023/24

Here at Spotlight IOW, we are excited to announce that Rapunzel will be our pantomime at Shanklin Theatre this holiday season.

The story of the girl with impossibly long hair is a real family favourite, and we can’t wait for you to see our version of it. Kidnapped by a wicked witch when she was only a baby, Rapunzel has spent her whole life locked at the top of a tower. We will tell the tale of her daring attempt to escape, a dashing prince looking for adventure, a mother’s desperate search to find her missing daughter, the bungling detective she hires to help her, and the worst witch in the world, who is determined to keep Rapunzel for herself.

Our pantomimes have a reputation for being wonderful entertainment for the whole family and we can promise that this year will be no exception. All the traditional aspects of pantomime will be present plus many surprising twists and turns. And yes, there’s a messy scene.

So please join us this Christmas and enjoy the singing, the dancing, the jokes, the mayhem, and the magic of Rapunzel, the most hair-raising adventure of them all. (Come on, we had to have one bad pun. Oh yes we did).

Tickets £22.50 Senior £20.50 U16 £18.50 Tots £17 FOST £21.50 (not available online)

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Performed by Atelier Studios