Spotlight (IOW) Ltd Present Sleeping Beauty

Wake up! It’s time to book your tickets for the funniest show around. Once again, the award-winning Spotlight team bring you their all singing, all dancing, all laughing family pantomime to Shanklin Theatre. This Christmas we will be enchanting you with the magical tale of Sleeping Beauty, the princess who is cursed to sleep for a hundred years, (that doesn’t sound like a curse to me, it sounds brilliant). This brand-new production for 2018/19 is packed full of everything you’d want in a pantomime; lavish musical numbers, colourful characters, silly sing-alongs, slapstick, adventure and many more magical surprises.

We at Spotlight pride ourselves at telling a traditional but modern fairy tale that is designed to entertain the whole family. So even if you say you don’t like pantomimes come and try ours. We think you may be surprised.

Please don’t be caught napping like our heroine, get your tickets for Sleeping Beauty right now and make next Christmas the best one ever

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Performed by Atelier Studios