English Eccentrics - with James Bolam and Susan Jameson

Englis Eccentrics

With James Bolam Susan Jameson

Accompanied by

Clive Conway - Flute,

Christine Croshaw - Piano

Devised by Christine Croshaw 

Our celebration of English Eccentrics introduces colourful and remarkable characters who have enlivened and entertained us through the ages, and whose originality and strength of character stands out now more than ever in an age of mass-market conformity.

We bring you Joshua Norton, self-proclaimed Emperor of the United States of America; Hermione Gingold, whose autobiography, The World is Square, more than lives up to its title;  William Buckland, who ate anything and everything from a bluebottle to the heart of King Louis XIV; and many equally odd and endearing characters.

More familiar names include Lewis Carroll, Dr. Samuel Johnson, Sir Thomas Beecham, Lord Byron, Beau Brummell, Mrs Malaprop, and Oscar Wilde.

Presented in association with Clive Conway Productions

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Performed by Atelier Studios