New appeal for Shanklin Theatre

Can you help?  We need your support to restore the windows at Shanklin Theatre.

It's now ten years since Shanklin Theatre was saved from proposed demolition, and through the hard work of its Volunteers and Staff has been turned around to become the leading Theatre on the Island.  But the Theatre building had suffered decades of neglect before it was taken over by Shanklin Community.  We have made a good start, but we need your ongoing support to continue to restore Shanklin Theatre back to its former glory!

Over the last three years, thanks to the efforts of volunteers and supporters like yourself, we have raised the funds to make the Theatre weatherproof, safe and comfortable.  We have repaired the leaks in the roof and replaced broken guttering, installed new fire alarms and safety equipment, replaced the old worn and hazardous auditorium seats, repaired the auditorium floor and installed slip resistant flooring in the balcony, carpeted public areas, refitted the bar and the Green Room and refurbished the outside toilets!

But there is still a lot to do!  The next big item on our restoration plan is fixing the windows, most of which are in a very poor state of repair.  As the Theatre is a Grade ll Listed Building the windows must be restored in their original style, and the cost of the restoration is excess of £100,000.  Phase 1 will cost in region of £30,000, That is a lot of money, but with modest support from a large base of patrons we hope to be able to raise this money as soon as we can!

So - "Can you help?"  Please?  Click our link and make a difference by making a donation today!  Why not do it right now?  If you pay Income Tax you can Gift Aid it to make it worth even more!


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